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Responding to a state survey is one of the most difficult and intimidating experiences an agency faces.  Survivor! is the perfect solution for preparing home care organizations to glide through the survey process with flying colors. The details are concise and practical with a goal of making the complex easy to understand. All of this vital information is presented in an engaging format that is fun to read and easy to implement. Lu Post, President of Home Care Institute. 

It's the call you dread.  "The surveyors are in the lobby."  Now there's a practical approach to surviving the surveyors. Survivor! is wonderful, easy to read manual with useful tips on how to make the best of this challenging situation. Stephen Tweed, President of Leading Home Care

This book is worth its weight in gold! We had a survey and I immediately gave the surveyor the Survey Binder. She was so impressed and commented on how other agencies should do the same. There is nothing more relieving than to start a survey off right!  Rosabel Hill, HHA Owner and Administrator

Very Funny! This book was hard to put down. I can certainly identify with the surveyor stories.  This should be a help to anyone who goes through a survey.  State Regulatory Agency Regional Director

The most important part of being surveyed is knowing that you have prepared everything well. Nancy's book does exactly that for you. If you read it, follow it step by step, you will be prepared. Nancy's book is easy to read, includes practical information to help you succeed, and should be read by every home health agency. It is extremely helpful. Deborah Barker, HHA Administrator and Home Care State Association Regional Director


Boca Raton, Florida 

​Insights gleaned from Solutions for Care consulting heightened our sensitivity to regulations, which were key to a successful deficiency free survey

Florida Council on Aging,


I want to add my gratitude and appreciation.   I believe all of your hard work, advice and support were incredibly helpful to us, and hopefully we have translated your wisdom into a successful survey process.  

Council on Aging ,

Director of Nursing

I wanted to thank Solutions for Care for all your help and guidance in the preparation for survey.  Your leadership, instruction, guidance and support helped to prepare us for the surveyor's expectations and give us success on our survey. 



Surveys can make you nervous and anxious wondering what are they "really" looking for. Feeling like you just don't want to be there. The understanding I obtained was priceless from Nancy. She left no stone unturned in this step by step method of how to prepare for a survey. For any office wanting a deficiency free survey her book is the book to read. I did and we Passed!!!  

Melody Nizam,

HHA Office Manager Oahu, Hawaii

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