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For an increasing number of patients, the home is the best setting for providing health care. 

Not only can that care be provided less expensively in the home, but evidence suggests that health care provided in the home is vital to the achievement of optimal health outcomes for many patients.

Nancy E. Allen BSN, RNC, CMC, CCP is founder and president of Solutions for Care, Inc., a consulting company specializing in all aspects of home health and geriatric care management. 

Nancy has built a team of consultants with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you establish and grow your home health care business.  As a clinician, state and accreditation surveyor, business owner and home health administrator, she is considered one of the most knowledgeable consultants in the home health arena.

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Navigating the Waters of Compliance
Take a deeper dive into the waters of compliance expected by surveyors, auditors, and OIG. Investigate the foundation for regulatory adherence and increase awareness of the seven OIG recommended elements of compliance. Learn ways to implement an effective program to keep your organization on course and out of turbulent water!


Nancy Allen, CEO of Solutions for Care, Inc., recently participated as a consultant and instructor at a training program in the country of Palau.  The training program was supported by a grant project in Palau under the University of Hawaii and the Pacific Island Health Officer's Association.  

This grant was undertaken due to the crisis in advancing elder population without the traditional resources of family to care for them and the increase in non communicable diseases in the Pacific Islands. The one hospital in Palau has 85 beds and many are "social admissions" as the existing caregivers are burned out or are non existent because they have moved away.

The current program of public health nurses sent from the hospital has not been comprehensive. Hospice was an unknown entity prior to the visit.  The local nurses  were eager to learn of ways to improve care.

The following is an excerpt from correspondence from Dr Fernandes of the University of Hawaii to the Pacific Island Health Officer's Association:

Everything went very smoothly. The trainings were well attended by the nurses, social workers and chaplains. They liked the forms and are open to using these as templates for better documentation.

The stakeholder's meeting was a huge success.  It was attended by the queen Bilung, minister of health, president and chief of staff among others.  Roll Em Productions has recorded the event and it will air on Palau television.

Nancy Allen, our consultant, has provided Palau with the necessary tools for rules, regulations, policy manuals, etc. that they need.

Nancy Allen was one of a team of authors assembled by editor Marilyn D. Harris to contribute to "Handbook of Home Health Care Administration: Sixth Edition".  A review by Tim Rowan, editor of Healthcare At Home, The Rowan Technology Report reports the handbook covers in detail everything a private duty or certified agency administrator needs to know to be compliant and successful.  "Handbook of Home Health Care Administation: Sixth Edition" is a textbook that should be on the shelf in every branch of every healthcare at home provider.  Let's modify that.  It should never be on the shelf but should live on the administrator's or branch manager's desk.

Survivor! Ten Practical Steps to Survey Survival 

by Nancy E. Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC New for 2014 Survey Changes and Surveyor Secrets Revealed!

The latest edition of Survivor! Ten Practical Steps to Survey Survival  Fifth Edition is now available.  It provides homecare clinicians and managers with the tools they need to excel at their next survey, and go from fear to confidence. Learn from someone who is a surveyor what really goes on behind closed doors in the survey process. A lighthearted look at an event that strikes terror in the hearts of many, the book provides everyone from the "newcomer" in the business to the most experienced clinician valuable insight from an experienced surveyor, written with empathy that can only be gleaned from having been on the other side of the survey fence.

"Very funny! This book was hard to put down. I can certainly identify with the surveyor stories. This should be a great help to anyone that goes through a survey!" Agency for Healthcare Administration

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